The Power of Plant Medicine as a Cure for the coronavirus

The Power of Plant Medicine as a Cure for the Coronavirus

By Rev. R. Simone Lord, Naturopathic Doctor

Traditional medicine is more than the study of plants. It embodies a study of the whole person, mind, body and spirit through many modalities. Traditional medicine has its origins in Africa, India, China, even Germany, Costa Rica and many nations all have a rich history in traditional medicine. Knowledge of the plants used for medicine is often passed down from a grandparent who may have a love for identifying, growing and harvesting medicinal plants.

In my profession, there are naturopathic physicians, doctors of naturopathy, master herbalists, acupuncturists, iridologists and many designations of natural healthcare professionals around the world. I’m calling for us to unite and fight back by finding a plant to defeat the coronavirus.

I look at the news and I’m alarmed not just because of the coronavirus’s global shut down, but because there is no one talking about the power of plant medicine or traditional medicine.  Almost everyone is overlooking the plants. The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. There are incredible movements for all things green. The WHO, World Health Organization, wants to work with the practitioners of natural medicine to integrate natural medicine with national healthcare system, according to their website.  Now more than ever, we need to work together to help our brothers and sisters internationally.

I would like to offer a plant to be tested that can defeat the coronavirus. This came about after I had read the report from a top virologist in Wuhan. She said it’s called corona virus because the bug looks like it’s wearing a crown  She was known as ‘The Bat Woman, because she had hunted down bats in China’s caves to collect their sample droppings for an antidote for SARS another corona type virus. (Source: Scientific Journal by Jane Qui on March 11, 2020.)

“Well good luck finding the bat that caused the coronavirus so we can get the antidote and put it into a vaccine for the world to be healed,” is what I was thinking. It led me to think that there is definitely a plant that could knock out the coronavirus.  I knew of one such plant and I quickly went to my juice bar and got some and brought it home for testing. I brewed a cup of loose tea with the herb. It worked fine, after 1 day, it knocked out the common flu. I then researched my mystical herb and found that it has been studied as having anti-viral properties, high anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, support for the immune system and many more wonderful properties.

I would love to tell you the name of the herb that can bring so much healing to the world. But the world is not paying attention and this essay would be ignored just as the leaves are. This is breaking news. The world has overlooked plant medicine for too long. We need a seat at the table to discuss the power in plant medicine. Please share this essay with everyone you know. Let’s join together to “heal our nation.” Revelation 22:2.

Dr. Lord is on a mission to inspire and teach the world to prosper and be in good health. She sells juices & elixirs at Mother Earth Juice Bar in Richmond Hill, Queens please visit her at or IG: @DrSimone_Lord

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Dr. Lord is a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health and took the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board exam to become board certified in the study of naturopathy or natural medicine. With this certification, Dr. Lord has given birth to Mother Earth Juice Bar & Health Food Store in Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill to help New Yorkers to improve health by juicing to fight disease.
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