The Eyes Of Understanding

Its understanding that makes one outstanding!
The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints – Eph 1:18
It is understanding that that makes one Outstanding. When you understand him you ll stand out. Its understanding that equals revelation and revelation equals transformation.
Its a privilege to know and have a relationship with the most high God. When you know and understanding his ways he will reveal his secrets to you – Ps 25:14
May your eyes of understanding be enlightened that you may know the rewards of heeding to his call and the goodies and glory he has in store for his children and his inheritance in the saints in his kingdom here and hereafter.
Father Lord, open my eyes of understanding that i may know you and the work you has finished and the things you have prepared for me.  Give me the grace to have faith and rest assured on the work you finished on the cross in Jesus name.
Written By :
Pastor Tony Nwokolo
Minister, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, TechPreneur

Focus on Becoming Powerful

Focus on Becoming Powerful

When I think of power I think of God. God is power, He is love, he is abundance He is strength, He is grace, He is mercy, He is health, all these things are all in His hands. When you meditate on His power and in the knowledge that you are His child, you ought not be afraid.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is all powerful, and so are His children, think of Hercules. When we are in a good relationship with God, we are freed from the enemy’s grip to live an abundant, power-filled life, instead of the depressed, broke, lonely, diseased and fearful life Satan leads us to with his temptations. When we obey the rules of our earthly parents and listen to their wisdom, we inherit great things. Here we see that obedience is one of the keys to living a great life. When we are disobedient to our parents, we get into trouble. When we listen and are obedient, we fulfil our life’s potential, with grandeur.

The enemy comes to tempt us, to steal, kill and destroy us, if we let him. We do not have to let him. When you were a child or teenager, your parents protected you as best as they could from falling. As an adult, God and His army of angels take over the protection, the advising. Do we always listen?

When we follow our own lusts, ego and pride, we make bad decisions that can ultimately impact the quality of our lives and our children’s lives. Then while we are living those miserable lives stemming from the bad decisions that God’s messengers begged us not to make, we beseech God’s help to deliver us from the agony of the consequences of our disobedience.

Like any parent, God the Father has plans for our prosperity. If we look good, He looks great. Jeremiah 29:11 “ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

So we can be sure that God and the universe wants the best for us. We are supposed to be productive, progressive and thrive! We are not supposed to be living in poverty, bad health. We are meant to be happy, healthy God-like people, inventors, excellent parents, creators, writers, farmers and so forth; not rebellious, disobedient, poverty stricken people of ill health and bad vices.

(“Beloved, above all things, I wish that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospers.”) 3 John 1-2.

What can we do to get ourselves out of this trap that the enemy has set for us?

  1. Meditate, pray, listen and obey God.
  2. Face your fears. You have a sound mind to make great decisions, don’t let fear stop you.
  3. Take full responsibility for our actions and bad decisions. Repent and ask God for forgiveness.
  4. Believe that you are forgiven and take action to turn your life around. God allows U-turns.
  5. Follow your gut instincts. Don’t allow yourself to be tempted and swayed by a pretty face, sweet talk or money. Looks fade, money runs out. Look instead for strong and Godly character.
  6. Learn how to say NO and move on. Do not allow others to take you from your purpose and destiny.
  7. Invest in your self-development, self-improvement. Take courses, read books, go to seminars that will build you up and set you on the path of fulfilling your life’s purpose.
  8. Pay attention to your health. Decide and plan to live a healthy lifestyle. That means drinking enough water daily to nourish your brain and other organs. The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces. Are you exercising and sweating regularly? Find a way to get in some fun and sweaty activities in your life. Pay attention to your diet. Which foods are your essential vitamins and minerals coming from?  Get enough sleep, your brain will thank you for it.
  9. Focus on God, not on man. Spiritual development makes way for wisdom, discernment and prosperity. Find a good church to attend and build up yourself, family and community.
  10. Develop your faith by procrastinating less and taking action. Do what you have to do to make a better life for you and your family. Stop doing things or living a life that can kill or retard your growth, health and success.




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Nothing is hard or difficult for God, with him all things are possible.

What God can do is limited by what we can believe – Mk.10:27; 9:23.

All the things that are possible with God are possible to him that believes.

Faith makes possible to man all the things that are possible with God.

Faith brings the believer to the same platform of operation with God.

Faith aligns man to God for the flow of his virtue thereby enabling man to do exactly what God would do. It is man’s faith that creates the platform for immeasurable & ceaseless flow of God’s virtue.

God’s word remains dormant until somebody’s faith is on the line to give it the required drive towards its performance.

Faith is the link between the spoken word and the performed word.

God’s word is settled in heaven (unchangable), but will require somebody’s faith on earth to settle (perform) it.

God cannot directly interfere with the activities on earth here,…until we invoke and invite him through our faith in action.

God never said, “be it unto you according to what I (God) can do” but be it unto you according to your faith…”

The only thing God cannot do is what we cannot believe.

God is looking for someone to believe before he can work.

Do you believe?



10 Steps to Actually Achieving Those GOALS – Rev. Simone Lord,

“Beloved, above all things, I wish that thou mayest prosper and be in good health even as thy soul prospers…” 3 John 1-2

Interior of a Private Jet

10 Steps to Actually Achieving Those GOALS
Rev. Simone Lord, N.D

If you’re like most people, you made some goals New Years.  Here we are in four months into the year, time to evaluate and stay on track. Unlike most people, your goals can have a 100% percent chance of becoming a reality. Here are some keys to making sure they manifest.

1. Don’t play games with your life. You were put here for a higher purpose. The key here is to find your purpose, that thing that you can do so well and make a true difference in the world. Once you’ve found your purpose, capitalize on it by using it for the greater good, to help others. The same energy you use to do stupid or negative things that will set you back a year, (or a decade if you get caught) is the same energy that you can employ to make strategic moves that can carry you forward.

2. Weight the risks of each move. Think ahead as if you were playing a chess game. If a certain move or action has the potential to set you back terribly or cause you to lose the game, why make it?

3. Write down your goal or goals. Meditate on them each day. Visualize you having manifested your goal or goals. What color, make, model and year car will you be driving? Be very specific. If your goal is to get married and you do not yet have a fiancé, know that you have the power to use deep visualization techniques to conjure up a spouse. Be specific, for example.  I will be married by June 30, 2018 in a church wedding to sexy, good looking, brilliant thinker, and strategist of average height, whose earning power will never diminish because of his powerful mind.  Your subconscious mind will constantly be on the lookout for this potential spouse and will alert you when a candidate like this is in your vicinity.

4. Do five things each day that will get you closer to your goals.  If you’re an entrepreneur, (stems from the French word, “entreprendre” which means “to do something”) write down five strategies daily that can catapult your business into a billion dollar entity. Never underestimate the power of repetitious small actions. For example, if you’re a writer, each day you can send out book outlines to five publishers. If you want better health, your five things can be: drink more water, better diet, better lifestyle, more sleep and getting a naturopathic health consultation.

5. Prioritize what is most important and take steps to accomplish those things. Don’t waste time on activities that cannot positively impact your goals. If your goal is to become a famous author and you own a restaurant then don’t sign up to be the chef.  You need time to focus on writing and marketing your books and articles.

6. Delegate some of the priorities that can take you away from manifesting your goals or goals.

7. Recognize distractions and stay focused on the goals, priorities and strategies that you have written down. Review them each day.

8. Find an accountability partner and stay on track by having a meeting each month or each quarter to measure the effects of your strategies.

9. Keep going, keep asking, keep knocking and keep seeking, it’s a biblical concept for success dating back centuries. (Matthew 7.7) Stop procrastination in its tracks. There is never a better time. Now is the perfect time to manifest your goals.

10. Research, strategize and take that leap of faith. Unless you jump you cannot land, you have to get off the ground floor. Don’t wait until you’re eighty to move! It’s okay to discriminate who you will surround yourself with. If you are an inventor of apps, find some inventor clubs or apps clubs on Meet-up to hub knob with. You have to be around people who can inspire you, fire up your engines not around people who drag you down to their level by not utilizing the full power of the human brain. There is enough power in your brain to light up an entire city. You have greatness within, go ahead and release it, the world is ready for your brilliance.

Roxanne Simone Lord is a pastor, naturopathic doctor, speaker, inventor and entrepreneur who has published 5 books the latest being: Get Out of Your Cage, Keys to Freedom in All Areas of Your Life and Financial Freedom by Faith, A Guide to Prosperity. Her books are on, and