Lukewarm or Hot?

by Rev. Simone Lord

God loves us and wants us to prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospers! (3 John 1-2.)But what happens when we don’t? Whose fault is it when we are not prospering or when we are as unhealthy as can be? It’s nobody fault really, that just disobedience. Our parents want us to be well and so they set up rules, if we break them we find ourselves in trouble. The government set up laws and if we break them we get ourselves in trouble, maybe jail. God set up laws and if we break them we get ourselves unhealthy, broke, frustrated and dissatisfied.

The good news is that we don’t have to live this way. We can make a U-turn. We can turn our lives around and today is a great time to do so. At this time, the enemy is running rampant in our country with the coronavirus pandemic. It is a worldwide pandemic and people are scared for their lives.

The government has set curfews, quarantines and they are searching for a man made drug or vaccine for their man made disease. At what point will the government leaders and President Trump pray? Is prayer a foreign measure? We want to hear him lead us in prayer, God wants us to lift up our hearts and come to him. Many are still cold hearted and chasing the billions to be made off of taxpayers. However, many have stepped forward volunteering their time and we are thankful for them.

People are learning various ways to be creative to help others. We will rise from this if we concentrate on ways to help our family and community in these tough times. These aren’t times to be lukewarm, we must stir up compassion for mankind, our family, and our neighbors. The bible says in Revelation 3:16-17 that, “because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.” Burn bright, let your light shine, today is the day to serve the Lord by helping others with your gift. By spreading God’s message, you should be arising early in these tough times, thinking up ways to spread God’s message to those in our family and community who don’t have a relationship with God. Those who are not saved, they need us at this time. We ought not to be slow to reach them lest they perish, while we are hold back. Now is the time to rally forward together, now is the time to unite for the kingdom’s sake. Now is the time to put aside jealousy, envy, fear, pride, anger and lust. Now is the time to pick up our sword (bible) and fight for our lives.

If every one of us spread God’s message of love, repentance and healing the world will be healed. If we come back to the Lord, come back to basics then we shall be saved in the name of Jesus. If we humbled ourselves and pray as a nation together under God, we shall be saved. If we turn to the Revelation 22:2 tree of life which is for the healing of the nations, it is my profound belief that we shall be healed of many a virus. The tree of life has been on earth for over 2000 years and it is still growing strong. Its leaves can heal many ailments. It’s time to go back to the mineral rich water of the earth. The huge rush for bottled water shows a need for clean drinking water. But God made provision for us, we have scoffed at the provision and depend on more sophisticated provision, like expensive filters and bottled water when we have pure mineral waters from springs in the mountains.(Should be tested of course.) It is important to understand that mineral deficiency is the cause or root of many illnesses.

In order to get through this pandemic alive and prospering, we will have to turn our full attention to God the Father, God the son and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity will be our only real guide to restoration and recovery from any disaster. Let us prepare to go back to basics, using natural foods from the earth, fruits, and vegetables, natural everything. Spreading love, joy, encouragement at this time. God has levelled the playing field. It’s time for new leaders to step forward in truth and with the power of the Holy Spirit to fight and lead the way for God’s people.

Dr. Simone Lord is the lead pastor at Inspire NY, a Baptist church in Jamaica, Queens. Please visit She is the owner of Mother Earth Juice Bar & Health Foods and loves helping people to live stronger, healthier lives.

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