Wellness Spa-turdays at Inspire NY

There is a new ‘shero’ in town. She is the Reverend Simone Lord and she is a naturopathic doctor. She studied naturopathy to help people build stronger immune systems and hence live healthier, longer prosperous lives. In her medicine bag there is cayenne pepper, pH strips, a magnifying glass and light to study her clients’ irises and a notebook and pen.
Dr. Lord is a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health and took the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board exam to become board certified in the study of naturopathy or natural medicine. With this certification, Dr. Lord has given birth to Mother Earth Juice Bar & Health Food Store in Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill to help New Yorkers to improve health by juicing to fight disease.
This woman of God is also the pastor at Inspire NY, Peoples First Baptist Church in Jamaica Queens. In this space she heals the broken hearted and saves souls, transform lives and gives shelter to the weary and the homeless. On Saturday May 4, 2019 Reverend Lord is hosting the grand opening of the Wellness Center at Inspire NY, where she and her team of good-hearted natural healthcare specialists will help many.
The grand opening will feature complimentary chair massages, and introductory Reiki sessions. Master herbalist, Sonia Thompson, Reconnection Herbs will be speaking about preventing and reversing diabetes at the Grand Opening of Inspire NY Wellness Center.
Dr. Lord will be speaking on boosting the immune system to fight cancer and other immune deficiency diseases while lowering the effects of stress in the body and bring clarity to the mind. She will also be speaking about ‘knocking out’ joint pain and inflammation in the body. Bring the kids, there is miniature golf outside to keep them entertained.
Then on Memorial Weekend Dr. Lord Marcelle and her husband Martin Marcelle are leading the way up the mountains to a Zen weekend in the Catskill mountain where followers will partake in hiking, horseback riding, yoga, tai chi and a picnic. All nature lovers and camping enthusiasts should make their way to her website www.drSimoneLord.com to find out more about the faith exploits of Dr. Simone Lord and her vision to transform our earth into a greener, happier, healthier, more prosperous place for us. To join in the fun, please visit Mother Earth Juice Bar & Health Food Store and order a fun drink like the Austin Power or the Immune Power or a Take Care of Me green juice. The Man Man Power is one delicious nutritious smoothie that will have you coming back for more. When you go tell them Monica sent you and receive a 15 % discount.

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