Nothing is hard or difficult for God, with him all things are possible.

What God can do is limited by what we can believe – Mk.10:27; 9:23.

All the things that are possible with God are possible to him that believes.

Faith makes possible to man all the things that are possible with God.

Faith brings the believer to the same platform of operation with God.

Faith aligns man to God for the flow of his virtue thereby enabling man to do exactly what God would do. It is man’s faith that creates the platform for immeasurable & ceaseless flow of God’s virtue.

God’s word remains dormant until somebody’s faith is on the line to give it the required drive towards its performance.

Faith is the link between the spoken word and the performed word.

God’s word is settled in heaven (unchangable), but will require somebody’s faith on earth to settle (perform) it.

God cannot directly interfere with the activities on earth here,…until we invoke and invite him through our faith in action.

God never said, “be it unto you according to what I (God) can do” but be it unto you according to your faith…”

The only thing God cannot do is what we cannot believe.

God is looking for someone to believe before he can work.

Do you believe?



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